Irish Horses : Clara : Ireland

Horses Are Woven Into the Fabric of Ireland

When you think of Ireland, pictures of sheep probably come into your mind, dotting the hillsides like popcorn on a plush, green carpet. However, horses are also very much a part of the history and culture of the Emerald Isle.

Irish Horses : Clara : Ireland

Irish Horses : Clara : Ireland

Genetically speaking, if you have some Irish in you, it will be difficult not to see a horse without some trigger of emotion. A love of horses can be knitted into your genes as much as fair skin, freckles, a long, slender nose, and yes, maybe even your temper!

You simply cannot talk about Ireland, or its Celtic history without mentioning Equus. The two are entwined like the never ending circles in knotwork gracing the ancient Book of Kells and stones.

Ireland has a history rich with horses, as rich as the limestone bone-building fields of grass the stud farm horses graze on. From Ireland?s Celtic roots when horses were used for farming, funerals, weddings, reflections of their goddesses (Rhiannon and Epona), trading, and more, to today when horses continue to be a dominant force in the country.

One can see that there is something special in the relationship of the Irish with horses.

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