Cafe Ceol : The Sessions : Opening

 The Sessions : Cafe Ceol : Opening

The Sessions : Cafe Ceol : Opening

Antonio Breschi has recorded 13 albums, including “My Irish Portrait” for which he even changed his name to Antoni O’Breskey, out of love for his adopted country, Ireland. On this album, Antonio combines elements of traditional Irish music with superb piano improvisations, producing a beautiful intertwining of classical, modern, jazz and world music, with the help of his Irish guests, including Ronnie Drew, Mairt?n O’Connor, Jimmy Faulkner, Joe McHugh, Johnny McCarthy, and Mick Kinsella, as well as international guests Balen Lopez de Munain (Basque Country), Sergio Candotti (Italy – sadly departed), and Al? Tajbakshs (Morocco).


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