50s’ Vintage Photography Wild Child Originals


Photography Vintage 50s Gil Elvgren

Got asked by some friends to do a shoot based on the 50s’.

Wild Child Originals has been around for some 20 years or so, having been in different premises around Dublin. After several moves, “First time I met the owner Will was in Galway some 15 years where he just had commissioned an iconic mural of ” Jim Morrison, yr man from “The Doors” in “Shop Street” Galway”, Ah, these were the days.

They’ve just opened a new shop in Drury Lane , Dublin. Well worth a visit. There’s probably somebody you know, somewhere who’s wearing their funky clothes.

The Photographs were recently published in the Sunday Independent

Photography  based on Gil Elvgren

From the 30’s through the 70’s, Gil Elvgren produced over five hundred paintings of? girls and women . Almost all of these works were oils on canvas, and fully developed finished works of art.? He continued to surpass himself, always improving his ideas, composition, color, and technique.


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